Tina Sansom
REPS Qualified Personal Trainer
07432 666852
What I can offer you 
  1. Body sculpting/building
    Body sculpting/building
    Specific target training for lean toned muscles LADIES DONT BE AFRAID TO LIFT WEIGHTS THEY WONT BULK YOU UP
  2. Nutrition Advice
    Nutrition Advice
    Healthy eating programmes and nutritional advice to get you on track for weight management and weight loss ONLINE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMMES AVAILABLE PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR DETAILS
  3. One 2 One Personal Training
    One 2 One Personal Training
    One to one personal training programmes specifically designed for the individual, including cardio and weights I ALSO SPECIALISE IN TRAINING THE OVER 50's... Remember age is just a number
About me 

 I first walked into a gym when I was 18 years old and have been addicted to fitness and keeping a healthy lifestyle 

I did my first NABBA figure show where I placed 2nd in 1992 which won me  a trophy and I haven't given up training since.

The results I get from weight training and cardio along with healthy eating are very important and I make it my lifestyle today .  I have seen my body shape change over the years and at 53 years old I am In the best shape of my life.

Also mixing with the professionals in the USA I have learned a lot about training and healthy eating .  I have been inspired by many over the age of 40 to look good and look after my body.

So if you are looking to sculpt your body or just want an overall fitness gain , then give me a call or email and I will offer a free consultation 


By keeping in shape with my healthy lifestyle and training ,  I have been able to have the opportunity to have several photo shoots with professional photographers in some of the most beautiful places , so to me it's worth all the effort I put in to keeping the shape I do